Web Designing

Liatris is the leading quality solution provider for corporate and professional web sites, content design and development. We offer a complete package of solutions for affordable web design, be it a custom-made small business website design services or a high-end web site development services for large Organisations and institutions.

Web Applications Development

We are a professional web development company proposing custom web application development services which are aimed at proposing our clients with web solutions that fit their business process requirements. We believe in constructing scalable E-business solutions using the latest cutting edge web development technologies to ensure maximum profit for our clients.

Website Maintenance

Maintenance & updates services to keep your website novel and timely. We will ensure that your information is always accurate and not stale.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Web Promotion, i.e. making your site popular on the Internet. In addition to it, we provide strategic internet marketing solutions for companies wishing to market their business online. Over the years, we have earned ourselves a high reputation as a search engine marketing specialist, specializing in internet marketing strategy and internet marketing solution.

Web Portal Development

As a highly specialized web site development company offering cutting edge web site development services, we understand client requirements. We offer excellent customer service to the wide base of our clients, both nationally and internationally. We specialize in creating database driven portals, Searchable databases & interactive forms.